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Romans 1-4

A reintroduction to Romans as we start our study next week in Romans Chapter 5.


Theme of Romans: How can a sinner be right with God?

The Good News! We can gain God's Acceptance.

  1. Understand the Standard that meets God's approval.  1:1-17
    1. God himself is Righteous
    2. God's sacrifice on the cross
    3. God providing something for our provision
  2. Submit in Silence under God's accusation   1:18- 3:20
    1. The Law is a mirror, it shows us our sin
      1. Pagan  1:18-32
      2. Moral People  2:1-16
      3. Religious  2:17-29
  3. Trust in the Substitute as God's Answer  3:21-4:25
    1. How can you be made acceptable?
      1. You must be Justified
    2. God can't ignore sin, What can I do?
      1. Jesus Christ
        1. By grace- apart from the law
        2. Through Redemption
        3. Propitiation
          1. Jesus' sacrifice satisfied the wrath of God
        4. Demonstrate Righteousness
        5. Through Faith
  4. Conclusion:
    1. Do you understand the standard?
    2. Have you become silent?
    3. Have you trusted in the Substitute?
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