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God's Word brought to us by Dan Ruben, from Fellowship Bible Church in Carson City.


#1 - Jesus is the Final PROPHET, 1-2

#2 - Jesus is the Supreme SON, 2-3

#3 - Jesus is the Perfect PRIEST, 3

#4 - Jesus is Superior to the SPIRITS, 4


Point #3 contains 4 arguments for Christ's Diety

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We must understand why the Incarnation is important in our movement toward spiritual unity.

In following Christ's example, there are 7 steps down in the Decent to Humility.

#1 - Understand the STARTING Point, 6  (equality with God)

#2 - Understand the STOOPING Position, 7a  (He emptied Himself)

#3 - Understand the SERVING Posture, 7b  (form of a slave)

#4 - Understand the SYMPATHETIC Partaking, 7c  (made in the likeness of man)

#5 - Understand the STATEMENT of Parallel, 8a  (found in appearance as a man)  (also see Is 53:2)

#6 - Understand the SACRIFICIAL Place, 8b  (obedient to the point of death)

#7 - Understand the SHAMEFUL Pain, 8c  (even death on a cross)

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Final class.


Includes brief overview of GBC Doctrinal Statement.

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How Do I get Unity going?  5 thing to stop and start doing....

#1 - SLAY the Giant (self advancement), 3a

#2 - SURRENDER the Glory (self advertisement), 3b

#3 - REDEFINE the Greater (humility), 3c

#4 - STRETCH the Concern (look beyond yourself), 4a

#5 - SATURATE yourself with their Growth (must get to know them), 4b 

Conclusion and preview of next week:

Look unto Jesus, v5.  He is our example.

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Class is led by Mike Rosario and Mike Springfield

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How do you gauge Unity, and how do you know it is present in you and your church?

#1 - One THINKING (by being of the same mind)

#2 - One LOVE (maintaining the same love)

#3 - One PASSION (united in spirit)

#4 - One PURPOSE (intent on one purpose)


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Mike Rosario and Mike Springfield

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Mike Rosario and Mike Springfield

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