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We apologise for the poor audio quality in this recording.  We trust the content will still be an ecouragment to you.

How Does God Exalt Jesus Christ?

#1 - He Gave the SUITABLE Reward, 9a

5 steps in His Exaltation:

a) Ressurection Acts 2:32

b) Ascension Heb 2:14

c) Coronation Acts 5:31; Eph 1:20

d) Sitting Eph 1:20; Heb 1:3,4

e) Intercession Acts 5:31; Heb 7:25,26

#2 - He Granted the SUPERIOR Name, 9b

3 Reasons why we call Him LORD:

a) It implies He is God.

b) It implies He will Return.

c) It implies He is the Sovereign Ruler


We apologize for the poor audio quality of this message.  We trust the content will still be of benefit to you.

Part 1 was the Application for our lives.

Part 2 is the Theological depth of the Incarnation.


#1 - He EXISTED in the Form of God, 6

#2 - He EMPTIED to the Form of Man, 7

#3 - He EMBRACED the Fullness of Punishment, 8


God's Word brought to us by Dan Ruben, from Fellowship Bible Church in Carson City.


#1 - Jesus is the Final PROPHET, 1-2

#2 - Jesus is the Supreme SON, 2-3

#3 - Jesus is the Perfect PRIEST, 3

#4 - Jesus is Superior to the SPIRITS, 4


Point #3 contains 4 arguments for Christ's Diety


We must understand why the Incarnation is important in our movement toward spiritual unity.

In following Christ's example, there are 7 steps down in the Decent to Humility.

#1 - Understand the STARTING Point, 6  (equality with God)

#2 - Understand the STOOPING Position, 7a  (He emptied Himself)

#3 - Understand the SERVING Posture, 7b  (form of a slave)

#4 - Understand the SYMPATHETIC Partaking, 7c  (made in the likeness of man)

#5 - Understand the STATEMENT of Parallel, 8a  (found in appearance as a man)  (also see Is 53:2)

#6 - Understand the SACRIFICIAL Place, 8b  (obedient to the point of death)

#7 - Understand the SHAMEFUL Pain, 8c  (even death on a cross)


Final class.


Includes brief overview of GBC Doctrinal Statement.


How Do I get Unity going?  5 thing to stop and start doing....

#1 - SLAY the Giant (self advancement), 3a

#2 - SURRENDER the Glory (self advertisement), 3b

#3 - REDEFINE the Greater (humility), 3c

#4 - STRETCH the Concern (look beyond yourself), 4a

#5 - SATURATE yourself with their Growth (must get to know them), 4b 

Conclusion and preview of next week:

Look unto Jesus, v5.  He is our example.


Class is led by Mike Rosario and Mike Springfield


How do you gauge Unity, and how do you know it is present in you and your church?

#1 - One THINKING (by being of the same mind)

#2 - One LOVE (maintaining the same love)

#3 - One PASSION (united in spirit)

#4 - One PURPOSE (intent on one purpose)



Mike Rosario and Mike Springfield


Mike Rosario and Mike Springfield


Unity come with a Prerequisite...motives that compel you into unity:

#1 - ENCOURAGEMENT in Christ, 1a

#2 - CONSOLATION of Love, 1b

#3 - FELLOWSHIP of the Spirit, 1c

#4 - COMPASSION from the Spirit, 1d

#5 - JOY from our Leaders, 2a


The greatest Weapon the Church has is it's Integrity.

Evaluate your Integrity by...

#1 - How you STAND, 27b

#2 - How you STRIVE, 27c-28

#3 - How you SUFFER, 29

#4 - How you SHARE, 30


#4 - Joy in the Face of Deficiency, 22-26

How do you know if you are ready for Death AND Life?

1st - The CONUNDRUM, 22

2nd - The CLARITY, 23-24

3rd - The CONFIDENCE, 25-26


Speakers - Mike Rosario and Mike Springfield


Message given by the elders of GBC


Mike Rosario

Mike Springfield

Joel Dunkin


54 minutes  

Recorded on 10-08-17


#3 - Joy in the Face of DEATH, 19-21


How is it that Paul can face death with confident joy?

1st - Because of TIMELESS Truth, 19a

2nd - Because of CORPORATE Prayer, 19b

3rd - Because of the SUPPLYING Spirit, 19c

4th - Because of a TRUSTED Promise, 20a

5th - Because of a LIFE-CONSUMING Direction, 20b-21


Interactive class from 8:30-9:30am at GBC Sunday Mornings.


#1 - Joy in the Face of DANGER (Circumstances) 12-14

#2 - Joy in the Face of DETRACTORS (Critics) 15-18

What you need to know when facing your critics:

1st - The RIVALS 15a, 17

2nd - The RELIABLE 15b, 16

3rd - The RESOLUTE 18


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