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Matthew 2:16-23

Divine Detour to Fulfill Scripture, Part Two

"Hope of Light in the Darkness"

Michael Rosario

I.  Jesus was Loved, v. 13-15

1.  The Action: ESCAPE, v. 13

2.  The Reaction: OBEDIENCE, v. 14-15a

3.  The Explanation: FAITHFULNESS, v. 15b

II.  Jesus was Anticipated, v. 16-18

1.  The Action:  TRICKED, v. 16a

2.  The Reaction:  SLAUGHTER, v. 16b

3.  The Explanation:  CONFIRMED, v. 17-18

III.  Jesus was Rejected, v. 19-23

1.  The Action:  RETURN, v. 19-20

2.  The Reaction:  RE-ROUTE, v. 21-23a

3.  The Explanation:  TRUST, v. 23b

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