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Reign of the Savior King

The Right to Clean the Church
Our Lives as Children in the Family of God
Matthew 18:18-20
Mike Rosario
What are the elements of Discipline?

#1 - The Recipients of Discipline, 15a
#2 - The Region of Discipline, 17
#3 - The Reason for Discipline, 15
#4 - The Route of Discipline, 15
#5 - The Rouse of Discipline, 15
#6 - The Regimen of Discipline, 15-17
#7 - The RIGHT to Practice Discipline, 18-20

How can we act with this kind of authority?

1st - Because the WORD of God is our Authority, 18

2nd - Because our UNITY under the Father's Will ACTIVATES that Authority, 19

3rd - Because our LEADER here on this Earth AFFIRMS that Authority, 20
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