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Mike Rosario

Romans 11:30-36

  1. Israel’s setting aside is FRACTIONAL, v. 1-10
  2. Israel’s setting aside is FLEETING, v. 11-25
  3. Israel’s setting aside is FOCUSED, v. 25-36

What is that main purpose?


  1. It Magnifies His Sovereignty [25-26a]
  2. It Maintains His Credibility [26b-29]
  3. It Manifest His Kindness [30-32]
    1. Producing a people that Need it
    2. Positions a people to Receive it
    3. Providing a release for all who will Receive it
  4. It Marks His Immensity [33-36]
    1. We see it in the Profundity of His thinking -33
    2. We see it in the Incomparability of His counsel -34
    3. We see it in the Limitlessness of His freedom -35
    4. We see it in the comprehensiveness -36
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