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The Gospel Preaching Process

Matthew 13:3-8, 18-23

Reign of the Savior King-Parables, The Mysteries, and the Church

Mike Rosario


#1-The CASTERS, v. 18 [Sower]

#2-The CULTIVATION, v. 19a [Seed]

#3-The CONDITION, v. 19b-23 [Soils]

#4-The CRUX [Presence of Fruit]

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Kingdom Language part 2

Matthew 13:3a, 10-17

Reign of the Savior King-Parables the Mysteries and the Church

Mike Rosario


Note: due to technical issues, the last few minutes of the message did not get recorded

#1-The REGIMENT, v. 3a

#2-The REASON, v. 10-17

#3-The ROUTINE, v. 34-35

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