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How does free will work when it comes to salvation?  It has 3 needs:

#1 - It needs to be FIXED, 1:12-13

#2 - It needs to be TRANSFORMED, 3:1-16

#3 - It needs to be EMPOWERED, 6:37-45, 65


Why does it matter?  

It's either God's will or man's will.  

He gets all the glory or you take some of it.

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**Due to technical difficulties, the first 15 minutes were not recorded...** - We apologize for any inconvenience.

Four crucial points to meditate on regarding God's wrath:

#1 - There is a REASON for Wrath, 10-11

#2 - There is a REALITY about Wrath, 12

#3 - There is a JUSTIFICATION for the Wrath, 13-21

#4 - There is a RECOURSE from Wrath, 22

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What must be present in order to get the gospel out?


#1 - A Persistent CONFIDENCE in God's Power, v1-2

#2 - A Singular COMMITTMENT to God's Truth, v3

#3 - A Keen CONNECTION to God's Call, v4

#4 - A Sensitive CONSCIENCE of God's Presence, v4b-5

#5 - A Generous CHARITY with God's Blessings, v5b

#6 - A Humility CONSUMED with God's Glory, v6

#7 - A Life-Donating COMPASSION for God's Children, v7-8

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