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By Joel Dunkin

#1 - PREACHING of Amos

#2 - PERSECUTION of Amos

#3 - PRINCIPLES of Amos

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Give ATTENTION to what you are becoming.

  • They complained because of UNBELIEF
  • They complained because of ADVERSITY
  • They complained because of IDOLATRY
  • They complained because of THANKLESSNESS

Believe that God uses ADVERSITY.

Fear provoking God's ANGER

ADORE Jesus for His intercession!

Remember the cost of ABANDONMENT.

Beware the AFFLICTION of complainers.

Resist worldly AMNESIA with a humble APPRECIATION.

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3 Questions to ask that tells you if you are Justified:

A. Can you see true righteousness? v9

1. The CONFIDENCE of self righteousness.

2. The CONCEIT of self righteousness.

3. The CONTEMPT of self righteousness.


B. Have you prayed the sinner's prayer? v10-13

1. -The sinner's POSTURE.

2. The sinner's PERSPECTIVE.

3. The sinner's PLEA.


C. Can you believe the Lord's verdict? v14

1. A SOVEREIGN verdict.

2. A SCANDALOUS verdict.

3. A SEARCHING verdict. 

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Q&A with Akash and GBC Elders, moderated by Mike Rosario

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Message given by the elders of GBC


Mike Rosario

Mike Springfield

Joel Dunkin

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Genesis 2

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#1 - The Foundation is EVERYTHING.

#2 - The Foundation is by FAITH.

#3 - The Foundation is GOD HIMSELF.

The Greatness of God in Creation

#1 - The SOURCE of Creation.

#2 - The SUSTAINER of Creation.

#3 - The SOVEREIGN of Creation.

#4 - The SENSE (wisdom) of Creation.

#5 - The SWEETNESS of Creation.

#6 - The SHARER of Creation.

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The Doctrine Man HATES


The Doctrine Believers EMBRACE


The Doctrine Skeptics DISTORT


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What are ways we can encourage people convicted of their sin?

#1 - CONSIDER their confession.

#2 - CALM their fears.

#3 - CONFIRM their guilt.

#4 - CLARIFY their route.

#5 - CONSOLE their doubts.

#6 - COMMAND their devotion.

#7 - CONDEMN their desertion.

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1.5 hrs long


Cropped out some of the audience silent parts...

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Relentless Worship

Job 1:20-22
Joel Dunkin
1. The Man of the Attack (Job 1:1-5)
2. The Meaning of the Attack (Job 1:6-12)
3. The Method of the Attack (Job 1:13-19)
4. The Message of the Attack (Job 1:13-19)
5. The Measure of the Attack (Job 1:20-22)
a. Job's Response:  Worship
1. Purpose

2. Honesty

3. Truth

4. Focus

5. Commendation

6.  Our Measurement: How do I worship like Job?
a. Be Purposeful in your Worship
b. Be Honest in your Worship
c. Be Accurate in your Worship
d. Be Aimed in your Worship
e. Be Commended in your Worship

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