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#1 - CREATION: Man meets the glory and goodness of God, 1-2

#2 - FALL: The failure of man meets the grace of God., 3-6

#3 - FLOOD: The sinfulness of man meets God's justice, 7-9

#4 - TOWER OF BABEL: The will of man meets the will of God, 10-11


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Daniel 6

1. 122 Tumultuous TROUBLE-MAKERS

2. One King with a Sovereignty DISORDER

3. One Clearheaded NAVIGATOR

Spherical Triangulation can determine the location of anything.  Is your trust wavering?  Examine these 3 points below and see where you got off course.  Daniel is our example:

1) v3, An excellent spirit was in him.

2) v4, He had continual faithfulness.

3) v4&10, He had a personal holiness.

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#1 - The Christian is a living SACRIFICE.

#2 - We must be continually RENEWING our mind with the Word of God.

#3 - Only the renewed mind is able to DISCERN the will of God. 

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Guest Speaker: Gus Pidal, our beloved missionary to Spain!  He brings us a message about our Lord from Luke 7.  He is our Great Example on compassion.  

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Gus Pidal brings our Mens Breakfast message.  He is our beloved brother who currently is a missionary to the country of Spain.  Enjoy.

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#1 - The CHILDREN of God DELIGHT in God's Works, 1-3

#2 - The CHARACTER of God REVEALED in God's Works, 4-6

#3 - The COMMANDS of God SUPPORTED by God's Works, 7-10

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The Key Command in Marriage

Ephesians 5:18b - Be Being Kept Filled

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A Sweet Marriage in Difficult Times

Part 1 - What is a WIFE to do? 1 Peter 3:1-6

Part 2 - What is a HUSBAND to do? 1 Peter 3:7

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Q&A between Sessions 2&3


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Session #2

Marriage Priorities

1 Corinthians 11:3 and Ephesians 5:22-33

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I. The Redeemer's CHARACTER, 1-4

II. The Redeemer's CONDUCT, 5-8

III. The Redeemer's CONQUEST, 9-10


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A. God's Righteousness has been manifested as a GIFT for those who beleive, 22-25

B. God's Righteousness has been manifested as a display of God's CHARACTER, 25-26

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Living in the Light of the New Man - Inflaming our Love for God

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Q&A with Akash and GBC Elders, moderated by Mike Rosario

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1st - Recognize that empty hearts invite squatters in.

2nd - Recognize the danger of squatters in our hearts.

3rd - Recognize that repentance is the squatters eviction notice.

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God's Word brought to us by Dan Ruben, from Fellowship Bible Church in Carson City.


#1 - Jesus is the Final PROPHET, 1-2

#2 - Jesus is the Supreme SON, 2-3

#3 - Jesus is the Perfect PRIEST, 3

#4 - Jesus is Superior to the SPIRITS, 4


Point #3 contains 4 arguments for Christ's Diety

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#1 - The ARTIST

#2 - The CANVAS





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Wisdom, Sovereignty, and the Fear of God

Todd Musser

Job 28

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