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The Key Command in Marriage

Ephesians 5:18b - Be Being Kept Filled

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A Sweet Marriage in Difficult Times

Part 1 - What is a WIFE to do? 1 Peter 3:1-6

Part 2 - What is a HUSBAND to do? 1 Peter 3:7

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Q&A between Sessions 2&3


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Session #2

Marriage Priorities

1 Corinthians 11:3 and Ephesians 5:22-33

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What are the motivational means of grace in sanctification?

#1 - The WORD, 2

#2 - The MEMORY, 3&4

#3 - Future JUDGMENT, 4-5

#4 - SUCCESSFUL Saints, 6

#5 - The SOVEREIGN Plan, 7a

#6 - PRAYER, 7b

#7 - FELLOWSHIP, 8-9

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Living in the Light of the New Man - Inflaming our Love for God

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Q&A with Akash and GBC Elders, moderated by Mike Rosario

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The last 20 minutes of this recording failed to be captured, please accept our apologies!


Living in the Light of the New Man - The Imperative of Loving God.


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Sanctification Defined

Sanctification Both as Definitive and Progressive


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1 Timothy 4 - A Successful Ministry

#1 - Motivation for Ministry  
Ask yourself: Does it Please Him?

#2 - Measure of your Ministry
Ask yourself: What does Jesus Want?

#3 - Mindset of your Ministry
Ask yourself: What allowed Paul to keep going?   4 Key Facets to Facing Challenges
1) What am I Relying Upon? Your own strength or v17-The Lord's strength.
2) What are you Resting In? Your own control or v17-God's sovereignty.
3) What are you Remembering? Worley thoughts like: "Everything will be ok" or v18-"The Lord will bring me safely into His kingdom."
4) What do you Rejoice for? Self promotion or v18-God's glory.

Are you denying the enemy of faithfulness? (Pleasure)
Are you guarding the friend of faithfulness? (The Word Entrusted to you)

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