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How can you and I become a part of that work?

#1 - Cultivate Fearless COURAGE, 1-2a

#2 - Limit yourself to Bible-Based COMMUNICATION, 2b-3

#3 - Trust God's Power to Make CONVERTS, 4

#4 - Expect Passionate CONFLICT, 5-9

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Resurrection Sunday

Acts 17:30-34

Michael Rosario


1.  There is a SUMMONS to you conscience, v. 30a

2.  There is a SEVERITY to God's call, v. 30b

3.  There is a SENTENCE to your condemnation, v. 31

4.  There is a SEA of the contempt, v. 32-33

5.  There is a SMATTERING of the converted, v. 34

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