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Video Link (Starts at 28:05)

#1 - CREATION: Man meets the glory and goodness of God, 1-2

#2 - FALL: The failure of man meets the grace of God., 3-6

#3 - FLOOD: The sinfulness of man meets God's justice, 7-9

#4 - TOWER OF BABEL: The will of man meets the will of God, 10-11


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How do you know when a person has received God's Wisdom?

#1 - The Wisdom Revealed through the Spirit: REVELATION, 6-10

#2 - The Things Understood by the Mature: REGENERATION, 9-12

#3 - The Mind of Christ that Appraises all Things: ILLUMINATION, 13-16


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Consider these questions:

How does God want us to think about everything going on?

What in the Church's response to this supposed to be?

What should our relationship to our government be?

Who is Lord of the Church?

Who has the voice in the Church?



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