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Please enjoy this sermon by Pastor Mike Rosario.  

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Daniel 6

1. 122 Tumultuous TROUBLE-MAKERS

2. One King with a Sovereignty DISORDER

3. One Clearheaded NAVIGATOR

Spherical Triangulation can determine the location of anything.  Is your trust wavering?  Examine these 3 points below and see where you got off course.  Daniel is our example:

1) v3, An excellent spirit was in him.

2) v4, He had continual faithfulness.

3) v4&10, He had a personal holiness.

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1st - FOLLOW Faithful Leaders, 7

2nd - FOCUS on Christ, 8

3rd - FILTER out Danger, 9

How?  You have to be...

#1 - ANCHORED by Awareness (Do not be carried away by varied and strange teachings...)

#2 - GROUNDED by Grace, (...for it is good for the heart to be strengthened by grace...)

#3 - ROOTED by Remembering, (...not by foods, through which those who were thus occupied were not benefited.)

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1st - FOLLOW Faithful Leaders, v7

2nd - FOCUS on Christ, v8

How does this direction help us endure?

#1 - Jesus has an ETERNAL Past

#2 - Jesus has a REDEMPTIVE Present

#3 - Jesus has an UNCONQUERABLE Future


Conclusion:  What can I do to focus on Christ?

1) Be in the Word and let it be in you - Col 3:16

2) Pray, go to Him! - John 14:13

3) Fellowship, stir one another up - Heb 10

4) Serve!  Use your gifts - 1 Cor 12

5) Redirect, fix your eyes on Jesus - Heb 12 & Col 3

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