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#1 - The PRECEPT under it

#2 - The POWER in it

#3 - The PASTORAL heart behind it

#4 - The PLAN for it

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Premise: James gives us 3 critical pre-requisites for allowing God's Word to change us.

I. You must consistently PLACE yourself under Gods' Word, 19-20

II. You must consciously EMBRACE Gods' Word, 21

III. You must constantly APPLY God's Word, 22-25


Practical suggestions:

* Take good Notes

* Review your notes during your quiet time.

* Pray through your notes asking God to show you what you need to Work on.

* Memorize a key Verse that will help you apply the truth.

* Just Do it!

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3 Questions to ask that tells you if you are Justified:

A. Can you see true righteousness? v9

1. The CONFIDENCE of self righteousness.

2. The CONCEIT of self righteousness.

3. The CONTEMPT of self righteousness.


B. Have you prayed the sinner's prayer? v10-13

1. -The sinner's POSTURE.

2. The sinner's PERSPECTIVE.

3. The sinner's PLEA.


C. Can you believe the Lord's verdict? v14

1. A SOVEREIGN verdict.

2. A SCANDALOUS verdict.

3. A SEARCHING verdict. 

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#3 - Stir up the Right Expectation to Focus on, 20-21

1st - We must focus on a different KINGDOM, 20a

2nd - We focus with a different ATTITUDE, 20b

3rd - We focus on a different PRIZE, 20c

4th - We focus on a different RESULT, 21a

5th - We focus with a different CERTAINTY, 21b

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#2 - Know the Right Enemies to Flee from, 18-19

1st - Understand the EMERGENCY, 18

2nd - Understand the EMOTION, 18b

3rd - Understand the EFFECTS, 19

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