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Archive for June 2015

Dying to Live

Matthew 16:24-28

Reign of the Savior King-Getting to the Heart of the Matter of Discipleship

Mike Rosario


Reminder of what makes a Disciple

#1-The ROOT of Discipleship, v. 24

#2-The REVERSAL of Discipleship, v. 25-26

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How to Offend Jesus

Matthew 16:21-23

Reign of the Savior King-The Faith of the Cross

Mike Rosario


How to Offend Jesus...

1st-BELITTLE God's PLAN, v. 21

2nd-BASE your Direction on PRESUMPTION, v. 22

3rd-BATHE your Thoughts with this PRESENT World, v. 23

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Breaking the Unbreakable, part 2

Job 1:13-19

Joel Dunkin


I. The Meaning of the Attack

II. The Method of the Attack

III. The Message of the Attack

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Revealing Jesus

Matthew 16:18-20

Reign of the Savior King-Identity Crisis Apex of the Gospel, part 3

Mike Rosario


The Identity of Jesus manifested in three ways...

1st-The Monumental CONFESSION, v. 13-17
2nd-The Magnificent CHURCH, v. 18-19
3rd-The Mature COURSE, v. 20

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