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Archive for April 2015

Matthew 16:1-4  

Reign of the Savior King-Another Request for a Sign  

Mike Rosario


#1-The Spiritually Ignorant that are DOOMED, v. 1-4

How can you tell?

1st-You See it in their FELLOWSHIP, v. 1a

2nd-You See it in their FACADE, v. 1b

3rd-You See it in their FOOLISHNESS, v. 2-3

4th-You See it in their FORSAKING, v. 4

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The Compassion of Jesus

Matthew 15:29-39  

Reign of the Savior King-Feeding of the Four Thousand  

Mike Rosario


Lessons on the Compassion of Jesus:

#1-It is IMPARTIAL, v. 29

#2-It is Uniquely DIVINE, v. 30

#3-It Supports the Main GOAL, v. 31

#4-It Cares for our Basic NEEDS, v. 32

#5-It Draws out our DEPENDENCE, v. 33-34

#6-It is SUPER-ABUNDANT, v. 35-38

#7-It DISPLAYS the Person & Power of God, v. 39

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Ingredients of Great Faith

Matthew 15:21-28  

Reign of the Savior King-An Unlikely Meeting with Jesus  

Mike Rosario








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Matthew 27:62-28:20  

Resurrection Sunday  

Mike Rosario


#1-Some FOUGHT it, 27:62-66

#2-Some FEAR it, 28:1-10

#3-Some FABRICATE it, 28:11-15

#4-Some are FORMED BY it, 28:16-20

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