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Archive for January 2014

A Call to Honor the Spirit

Various Scriptures

The Heart of Concern

Joel Dunkin


1. The SERIOUSNESS of Worship

2. The NEED for Discernment

3. The FUTURE of Missions

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How Jesus Sees Evangelism

Matthew 9:35-10:1  

Reign of the Savior King-An Insight into Christ's Plan to Reach the Lost  

Michael Rosario


#1-How Jesus Saw the SOWING, v. 35-36a

#2-How Jesus Saw their STATE, v. 36b

#3-How Jesus Saw the SITUATION, v. 37a

#4-How Jesus Saw the SOLUTION, v. 37b-10:1

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Two Sides

Matthew 9:33b-35  

Reign of the Savior King-Response to the Miracles of Jesus

Michael Rosario


1-The CLEAR Christ, v. 35

2-The MARVELING Multitude, v. 33b

3-The REFUSING Religious v. 34

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Believing is Seeing

Matthew 9:27-33a

Reign of the Savior King-JESUS' POWER OVER DEATH

Michael Rosario


1-The CRISIS, v. 27a

2-The CREED, v. 27b

3-The COURSE, v. 28a

4-The CONFESSION, v. 28b

5-The CONVERSION, v. 29-30a

6-The CHALLENGE, v. 30b

7-The PASSION, v. 31-32

8-The CULMINATION, v. 33a

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