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Archive for August 2013

Psalm 139

Why the Doctrine of God is Key to Our Worship

Michael Rosario


#1-He is an ALL-PRESCIENT GOD, v. 1-6

#2-He is an ALL-PRESENT GOD, v. 7-12

#3-He is an ALL-POWERFUL GOD, v. 13-18

#4-He is an ALL-PERFECT GOD, v 19-24

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Psalm 111

God Works for His Praise-Awesome Deeds that Produce Worship

Michael Rosario


#1-The MAKING of Praise, v. 1

#2-The MOTIVATION of Praise, v. 2-9

#3-The MEANS to Praise, v. 10

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Psalm 90

Return to Home-Reconciling the Sovereignty of God and the Sinfulness of Man

Michael Rosario


#1-That God is ETERNAL, v. 1-2
#2-That Man is INCAPABLE, v. 3-12
#3-That God is MERCIFUL, v. 13-17

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Psalm 73

Why Try?!  Turning a Self-Absorbed Life into a Walk by Faith

Michael Rosario


#1-The Dangerous STRUGGLE

#2-The Distorted SIGHT

#3-The Dreadful STING

#4-The Decisive SHIFT

#5-The Deliberate STAND

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