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Archive for July 2013

Jonah:God’s Defiant Servant

Jonah 1:1-3

Gus Pidal


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Psalm 50

The Divine Diagnosis on Deluding Devotion-Exposing Fake Faith

Michael Rosario


#1-The CALL for your EXAMINATION, v. 1-6

#2-The CHARGE against your IDENTIFICATION, v. 7-21

#3-The CURE as your SOLUTION, v. 22-23

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The Man Who Has Everything, part 2

Job 1:1-5

God's Subject of Suffering

Joel Dunkin


1. Impressed by his CHARACTER

2. Impressed by his BLESSING

3. Impressed by his FAMILY

4. Impressed by his LEADERSHIP

5. Impressed by his INTERCESSION

6. Impressed by his FOCUS

7. Impressed by his DILIGENCE

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Psalm 34

Praise Makers-The Impact of Deliverance

Michael Rosario


#1-Transform you into a TREASURER, v. 1-10

#2-Turns you into a TEACHER, v. 11-22

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