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Archive for June 2013

Psalm 34

Praise Makers-The Impact of Deliverance

Michael Rosario


#1-Transform you into a TREASURER, v. 1-10

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Psalm 5

Praise Makers-The God-Centered Life Against a World-Pressured Current

Michael Rosario


#1-A believer's CONFESSION

#2-A believer's CONVICTION

#3-A believer's CAPABILITY

#4-A believer's CHALLENGE

#5-A believer's COMPENSATION

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The Man Who Has Everything

Job 1:1-5

God's Subject of Suffering

Joel Dunkin


1. Impressed by his CHARACTER

2. Impressed by his BLESSING

3. Impressed by his FAMILY

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A Ministry Worth Dying For

1 Timothy 6:6-11

The appointment of Joel Dunkin to the office of overseer

Michael Rosario


#1-An elder is marked by his FLEEING, v. 11a

#2-An elder is marked by his FOLLOWING, v. 11b

#3-An elder is marked by his FIGHTING, v. 12a

#4-An elder is marked by his FASTENING, v. 12b

#5-An elder is marked by his FINISHING, v. 13-16

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Reign of the Savior King 85

Matthew 8:16-22

The High Cost of Discipleship-Reality of Becoming A Christ Follower

Michael Rosario


I. The PAYMENT for it, v. 16-17

II. The PRESCRIPTION with it, v. 18

III. The PROHIBITION against it, v. 19-22

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