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Archive for August 2012

God-Centered Praise 8

Psalm 101

The Faithful Fruit of a Follower of God-What the Gospel Produces

Michael Rosario


#1-A commitment to a faithful WORSHIP, v. 1

#2-A commitment to a faithful WALK, v. 2-5

#3-A commitment to be surrounded by faithful WORKERS, v. 6-7

#4-A commitment to faithful WIELDING, v. 8

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God-Centered Praise 7

Psalm 2

Lordship Salvation: God's Answer to Worldwide Mutiny

Michael Rosario


#1-Man's REBELLION, v. 1-3

#2-God's RESPONSE, v. 4-6

#3-God's RESOLUTION, v. 7-9

#4-Man's RESPONSIBILITY, v. 10-12

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God-Centered Praise 6

Psalm 103

The Fountain of all Praise

Michael Rosario


#1-The fountain is DECLARED, v. 1-2

#2-The fountain is DESCRIBED, v. 3-19

#3-The fountain is DEFENDED, v. 20-22

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God-Centered Praise 5 part 2

Psalm 42

Soul Rescue: Hope for the Depressed-The Psalms Part One  7/29/12

Michael Rosario


#1-Recognize a spiritual DROUGHT, v. 1-5

#2-Recognize spiritual DROWNING, v. 6-11

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