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Archive for June 2012

God-Centered Praise 2

Psalm 99

"God's Sovereign Holiness"-The Psalms Part One

Michael Rosario


#1-Demands PROCLAMATION, v. 1-3

#2-Describes PERFECTION, v. 4-5

#3-Demonstrates PURITY, v. 6-9

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God-Centered Praise

Psalm 145

"Where All Praise Begins"-The Psalms Part One

Michael Rosario


#1-Focuses on God's GREATNESS, v. 1-6

#2-Focuses on God's GOODNESS, v. 7-10

#3-Focuses on God's GOVERNMENT, v. 11-13

#4-Focuses on God's GENEROSITY, v. 14-16

#5-Focuses on God's GRACE, v. 17-21

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Reign of the Savior King 55

Matthew 6:5-8

Praying Minus the Hypocrisy-True Religion

Michael Rosario


Six Check Points for Genuine Prayer

#1-The PRINCIPLE regarding prayer, v. 5a

#2-The PERVERSION of prayer, v. 5b

#3-The PREPARATION before prayer, v. 6-8

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Reign of the Savior King 54

Matthew 6:2-4

The Secret Service (Giving)-True Religion

Michael Rosario


#1-The DOCTRINE/STANDARD about giving, v. 2a

#2-The DANGER in giving, v. 2b

#3-The DIRECTION for giving, v. 3-4

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