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Archive for July 2011

Reign of the Savior King 15

Matthew 4:12-13

Dawning of the Great Light-The King's Ministry Begins

Michael Rosario


1.  Came at the Perfect TIME, v. 12

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Reign of the Savior King 14

Matthew 4:3-11

Escaping Temptation-Lessons from the King

Michael Rosario


1.  BE ready for temptation DAILY (His Prep), v. 1-3a

2.  BATTLE through that temptation DECIDEDLY (His Persecution), v. 3-10

How?  By knowing the devil's strategy...

  • DOUBT God, v. 3b-4
  • DARE God, v. 5-7
  • DEVIATE, v. 8-10

3.  BRING praise to God for His DELIVERANCE (His Prevail), v. 11

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Deuteronomy 3:23-28

Joel Dunkin


1.  The HEART of Leadership: to SEE His Glory

More of God's GREATNESS

More of God's GOODNESS

2.  The HINDRANCE of Leadership: to SUFFER from Sin


Reaping God's REJECTION

3.  The HERITAGE of Leadership: to STRENGTHEN the Successor

Discipleship is AIMED

Discipleship is AUTHORITATIVE

Discipleship is ACTIVE

Discipleship is AWARE

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Philippians 4:6-7

Rick Bonn


I.  Peace With One Another (Relational Peace) Phil. 4:2-3

II.  The Peace of God (Inner Peace) Phil. 4:6-7

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