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Archive for February 2011

John 3:1-16

Michael Rosario

1.  Your RELIGIOUS position give you life, v. 1-2

2.  Your COMMITMENT to your system cannot give you life, v. 3-4

3.  Your FLESHLY efforts cannot give you life, v. 5-6

4.  Your REASONED logic cannot give you life, v. 7-13

5.  Your KNOWLEDGE cannot give you life, v. 14-16

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The Foundation of our Praise

Romans 16:25-27

Michael Rosario

How does the Gospel set up our Praise?

1.  The STARTING point, v. 25a

2.  The SIREN, v. 25b

3.  The SUBJECT, v. 25c

4.  The SECRET, v. 25-26a

5.  The SOVEREIGNTY, v. 26b

6.  The SCOPE, v. 26c

7.  The SUMMONS, v. 26d

8.  The SUPREMACY, v. 27a

9.  The SUM, v. 27b

10.  The STATEMENT, v. 27c

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The Love of a Shepherd Part 3

Romans 16:18-24

Michael Rosario

1.  A shepherd KNOWS the sheep, v. 1-15

2.  A shepherd CARES for the sheep, v. 16

3.  A shepherd GUARDS the sheep, v. 17-19

4.  A shepherd GUIDES the sheep, v. 20

5.  A shepherd ENCOURAGES the sheep, v. 21-24

*Forgive us for the audio quality this week; we have transitioned to a different sound system that requires adjustment.

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