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Hebrews 13:20-21

Michael Rosario

Resurrection Sunday


#1-A Work FROM Jesus Christ, v. 20a

#2-A Work THROUGH Jesus Christ, v. 20b-21a

#3-A Work TO Jesus Christ, v. 21b

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Hebrews 1-2

The Rock Solid Distinctive Pillars of this Church

Michael Rosario


I. SCRIPTURE alone, 1:1-2

II. GRACE alone, 2:9-13

III. FAITH alone, 2:1-4

IV. IN CHRIST alone, 1:3-11

V. For God's GLORY alone, 1:3-4; 2:9


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The Incarnation, Part Three

Hebrews 2:14-18

Michael Rosario

How can God help Christians?

1.  Make THE DEVIL powerless, v. 14

2.  Deliver us from SLAVISH fear, v. 15

3.  Keep His PROMISE, v. 16

4.  Make SATISFACTION for our sins, v. 17

5.  Aid the TEMPTED, v. 18


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Hebrews 2:9

Michael Rosario

1.  The Picture of His Humility

  • …made for a little while lower than the angels…

2.  The Principle of His Humility

  • …Jesus, because of the suffering of death…

3.  The Purpose of His Humility

  • …crowned with glory and honor…

4.  The Power of His Humility

  • …by the grace of God…

5.  The Procuration of His Humility

  • …He might taste death for everyone.

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