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Romans 9:22-24

Michael Rosario

  1. Grieved by God’s Proclaimer, v. 1-5
  2. Designed by God’s Plan, v. 6-13
  3. JUSTIFIED by God’s PERSON, v. 14-24
  • What Sovereign Freedom DEFENDS, v. 14
  • What Salvation DEPENDS ON, v. 15-16
  • What Rejection DEMONSTRATES, v. 17-18
  • What Predestination DISPLAYS, v. 19-24
  1. It puts God and man in their RIGHTFUL places, v. 19-21
  2. It shows God’s WRATH, v. 22a
  3. It reveals God’s POWER, v. 22b
  4. It unveils God’s PATIENCE, v. 23
  5. It uncovers God’s GLORY, v. 23
  6. It displays God’s LOVE, v. 24

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Shepherds Conference

This week is the Shepherds Conference. Please pray for all the men attending, and their families at home. May God's word be clearly taught, men's hearts convicted, and the Gospel shared. http://www.shepherdsfellowship.org/pulpit/

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